rtp multicast streaming to cisco ip phones

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    Created by: Thomas Fontaine on 27-06-2009 01:43:50 AM
    I am searching for a way to rtp stream audio files to cisco ip phones with an application written in C, C++ or C# ideally. These
    ip phones would have registered to a multicast address through a
    programmed soft key that uses a service URI indicating the multicast
    Would you know prefered methods, libraries and resources to do that ? Do you have recommendations also ?
    Thanks in advance.

    Subject: RE: rtp multicast streaming to cisco ip phones
    Replied by: Muhammad Sabir on 02-07-2009 04:09:40 AM
    You will need to use CiscoIPPhoneExecute along with RTPRx URI. It can be a simple HTTP POST -- which you can do in any language. We use Java for all developments in PhoneTop Messenger product, including paging, wave file broadcast, text notification, etc.