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    Created by: Marwa Ads on 21-06-2009 09:46:34 AM
    Dear All,
    I want to update the css of the line in call manager 4 , can any one help me in this.
    Thanks alot,

    Subject: RE: Update line css
    Replied by: David Staudt on 21-06-2009 04:52:20 PM
    The first step would be to retrieve the current phone configuration data via the AXL <getPhone> request.
    You can then update the phone's CSS via the <updatePhone> request specifying the CSS name in the <callingSearchSpaceName>.
    You can get the full list of availabe CSS's via listCSSbyName, using % as wildcard (or perhaps it's *)

    Subject: RE: Update line css
    Replied by: Stephan Steiner on 23-06-2009 03:18:20 PM
    I seem to recall responding to just that question in the netpro forum: http://forums.cisco.com/eforum/servlet/NetProf?page=netprof&forum=Unified%20Communications%20and%20Video&topic=IP%20Phone%20Services%20for%20Developers&topicID=.ee94c94&fromOutline=&CommCmd=MB%3Fcmd%3Ddisplay_location%26location%3D.2cd3f2b4

    Subject: RE: Update line css
    Replied by: Rizwan ul haq on 29-02-2012 01:26:51 AM
         Kindly Let me know how to configure CSS and partitions in CALLMANAGER EXPRESS (CME) and also let me know, which AXL to update CSS

    Thanks in Advance