Help: Pause in Speed Dial, CCMUser Page on Phone

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    Created by: JIM PHILLIPPS on 19-06-2009 01:11:32 AM
    I'm in dire need of the following functionality and i've been informed that this can be done through the SDK.
    1. Pause in Speed Dials
    I was directed through other research to the SDK with a phone dialer app that can be used to interpret comma's as a 1 second pause.  I'm the farthest thing from a developper.  I've downloaded the SDK and have an IIS server.  Can someone please inform me of how the rest of the process works pls?  How does this get called by CUCM to place calls and pause, etc...  If I understand I can direct the partner to implement this.
    2. CCMUSER page functionality on Phone Display
    I also understand that it is possible to get some of the CCMUSER functionality onto the phone XML screen.  I only need the CFWD portions so that users can change CFWD Busy / No Answer from the phone rather than their PC.   Has anyone done this and do they have sample code for me to leverage?
    Thanks very much for any assistance.

    Subject: RE: Help: Pause in Speed Dial, CCMUser Page on Phone
    Replied by: MATT SATCHER on 26-10-2010 05:23:10 PM
    we are in need of the same function "adding pause to a speed dial".  do you find a way to do this?