How to add or update DateTimeGroups?

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    Created by: Gavin White on 18-06-2009 08:07:05 AM
    Funny, the addDevicePool request exposes a setting of <dateTimeSettingName> which matches up with the Date/Time Groups defined on the Call Manager, however I cant find a call to add/update a DTG??
    Am I missing something??

    Subject: RE: How to add or update DateTimeGroups?
    Replied by: David Staudt on 18-06-2009 04:30:44 PM
    Looks like a specific AXL request for adding a Date/Time group is not present (AXL coverage of all admin tasks is not yet 100%)
    If you really need to add one programmatically, you could do so via direct SQL using the <executeSQLUpdate> request.  The database table involved is 'datetimesetting'.  Adding a new setting might look like:
    insert into datetimesetting
    values ('M/D/Y','NewTest',newid(),8)
    Note: the tktimezone field points to another table typetimezone