HTTPS Support for IP Phone Services

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    Created by: Muhammad Sabir on 15-06-2009 09:03:18 PM
    A while back we heard from Cisco that phones are going to support HTTPS. To my knowledge it has been implemented but available only on a specific service release and phone load. Is that correct? When is it going to be GA? We keep running into DOD where they require  solution to be JITC certifiied and JITC requires HTTPS support to my understanding.
    To sum it up, what is the status for HTTPS support for IP phone services?

    Subject: RE: HTTPS Support for IP Phone Services
    Replied by: David Staudt on 15-06-2009 10:16:23 PM
    AFAIK this is still an eagerly anticipated roadmap item, but firm dates haven't been released.  It's possible something substative will be described during the upcoming Cisco Live! event.