WSDL for CCM 4.1(2)

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    Created by: sat R on 09-06-2009 02:16:59 PM
    Right now, the CCM version 6.1.2 has seperate wsdl for .NET compiler. Do they have any such thing for CCM 4.1(2) version? Because in the 4.1(2) version doesnt provide any wsdl specific to .NET or AXIS unlike 6.1.2 version of CCM

    Subject: RE: WSDL for CCM 4.1(2)
    Replied by: David Staudt on 09-06-2009 02:58:12 PM
    Prior to about 6.1(2), the AXL WSDL was not validated or tested with any actual WSDL consumers (basically it was auto-generated with XML Spy from the hand-built .xsd file and included in the schema bundle for convenience.)  As a predictable result, there are dozens of errors and inconsistencies in the 4.1 WSDL that make it _very_ challenging to get it to work with .NET/Axis.
    It is possible to overcome this - by modifying the WSDL itself and/or tweaking the auto-generated code - but requires quite a bit of effort and moderately deep knowledge of WSDL schema rules and .NET/Axis code-generation internals.  However unless you really need wide support of a great many different AXL requests, it may be easier to just deal with AXL at an XML-level (using a standard XML parser) rather than a WSDL-level.