LDAP COM Server handling of DNS SRV

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    Created by: David Edwards on 29-05-2009 01:32:58 AM
    I'd like to provide a redundant LDAP lookup using the multidirectory.asp and was wondering if this can handle SRV request/response.
    If I'm way off base here I'm happy to look at any alternatives offered.

    Subject: RE: LDAP COM Server handling of DNS SRV
    Replied by: David Staudt on 29-05-2009 03:55:59 AM
    I would expect this to work, and have not heard of any related issues; however I can't recall anyone specifically confirming it either   Certainly it's worth a try.

    Note the sample apps in the IPPS SDK are provided as-is and are not intended (or supported) for production use.