devicelistx.asp (4.13) and CUCM 6.13

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    Created by: Keith Lunn on 28-05-2009 12:27:38 PM
    Hello, we are upgrading from CUCM 4.13 to 6.13. We have many custom scripts/reports (written in JScript and VBscript) that are dependant upon the output of https://ccm/reports/devicelistx.asp (ver 4.13).
    This AXL code and asp page does not exist of course in 6.13 - what is the replacement strategy in 6.13. Do I need to write a new AXL program in JScript to query the 6.13 database? Is there a similar tool I can use that has the same functionality as devicelistx.asp on the 6.13 server?
    Any suggestions or input is appreciated!!

    Subject: RE: devicelistx.asp (4.13) and CUCM 6.13
    Replied by: David Staudt on 28-05-2009 02:49:56 PM
    The Serviceability SOAP API is available for retrieving real-time information about devices, such as IP address and registration status:
    There is a sample in the SXML wiki that may be helpful: