**Non developer, please help*** Can I mod the numbers in corp directory?

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    Created by: Randy Leach on 22-05-2009 04:46:10 PM
    I'm not a developer, so please forgive my ignorance on the matter. My customer would like to modify the numbers displayed in our corporate directory to prepend a 91 for all entries that are not local dn's on the IP network (require the pstn to reach). After reviewing the posts, this sounds like a possibility, but I have no clue where to start. Is this possible? If yes, has anyone already done this or have instructions on how to accomplish this task? Your help is very much appreciated... I'm running UCM 7 with ldap integration. We're attempting to accomplish this without having to touch the ldap server....

    Subject: RE: **Non developer, please help*** Can I mod the numbers in corp directory
    Replied by: Sang Cooc on 28-05-2009 12:24:59 AM
    Hi Randy,
    Ironically, I have a customer that is looking to do the exact thing that you mention.
    One way to accomplish this is to proxy the corperate directory through a seperate web server before it is presented to the IPPhones.
    From the web server, you can manipulate the ldap data with the IP Phone service SDK.  The SDK has a very good example on how to do this.  Once you've installed the SDK, look for the example called "multidrectory".  This example will show you how to to append digits to the telephone number.  I tried the example in the lab and it worked with no issues.
    I'm not sure if this is the easiest way to solve this problem, but it will get the job done.
    Hope this helps.