Connecting to UCCM using SOAP ver 7

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    Created by: Chandan Agrawal on 19-05-2009 08:18:44 AM
    I am trying to write a Java program to connect to UCCM for the purpose of provisioing the trunks.
    I generated the java code using the axlapi.wsdl and axlsoap.xsd which ran fine.
    Along with the so many java classes, one for each provisioning request, the two classes I got were AXLAPIService and AXLPort.
    Now when I try to use the AXLAPIService to connect to the UCCM, it fails. The issue I am having is that I am not able to provied the correct QName. I have tried all options but that doesnt work.
    I am looking to correct the statement:
    AXLAPIService service = new AXLAPIService(url, new QName("", "AXLPort"));
    Can someone help me URGENTLY!!!!.