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    Created by: koen bekaert on 14-05-2009 09:42:26 AM
    Does anyone knwos how to personalize a user input into a directory?
    We are trying to create a personal directory.service but it isn't personal at all, we can enter name, phone,.. but when we request it from another phone / user it displays all info. So my question, can you query the phone for personal user info? can you ask the phone what's his linenumber, which user is connected (but if we have his line number and this is unique we can search for his name in a database). is this done via AXL? does anyone has an example of a query? or can anyone explain how this can be done? all info is welcome
    thanks in advance

    Subject: RE: Personal directory
    Replied by: Sascha Monteiro on 27-05-2009 10:20:12 AM
    cucm6 has en embedded personal directory, that should furfill your needs..
    you can only query it with your personal credentials.
    it should be under the directories button