Requesting Queue Statistics

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    Created by: Matthew Fuerst on 12-05-2009 07:01:09 PM
    Greetings all,
    We are going through the UCCX CTI Documentation and playing around with the UCCX CTI Sample application provided by Cisco. We would like to gather the statistics on queue/skill groups.
    Page 152 of the PDF describes the QUERY_QUEUE_STATISTICS_REQ message to be sent to the UCCX box. However, the description attached to the title seems to indicate that we should use the QUERY_AGENT_QUEUE_STATISTICS_REQ message, not the QUERY_QUEUE_STATISTICS_REQ message. To quote from the PDF:
    The QUERY_AGENT_QUEUE_STATISTICS_REQ message, defined in Table 9-90, allows a CTI client to obtain the current call handling statistics for one of the client agent¿s CSQs. To avoid impacting system performance, clients should not request queue statistics too frequently."
    The table (Table 9-90) the describes the format of the message which is basically the Invoke ID (UINT) and the CSQID (INT), which is different than the format of the QUERY_AGENT_QUEUE_STATISTICS_REQ (which is Invoke ID (UINT) and AgentID (String)).
    Our inital thoughts were that the description of the QUERY_QUEUE_STATISTICS was simply a misprint or a copy and paste. We implemented the call using the QUERY_QUEUE_STATISTICS_REQ message, but we are getting an error when using the call in this manner. When making the call with QUERY_QUEUE_STATISTICS_REQ and passing what we believe to be a valid CSQ ID, we get the following error:
    MsgType: FAILURE_CONF, BodyLength: 8
    Invoke ID: 1
      status: 93
    Can anyone give us a tip? Are we actually supposed to use the QUERY_AGENT_QUEUE_STATISTICS_REQ message type for queue statistics independent of a specific agent?
    Thanks so much,

    Matt Fuerst
    Just as a quick edit after my initial post, I would like to add that when we make the request with a CSQID we know is NOT valid (IE: 77777) we get no error messages at all. When we make the request with a CSQID we believe to be valid, CSQID #1, we get the FAILURE_CONF error....

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    Replied by: David Lender on 12-05-2009 07:30:18 PM
    There are 2 different requests and confs:  1 for a CSID (Query Queue
    Statistics) and 1 for AgentID (Query Agent Queue Statistics).

    The text should read:

    The QUERY_QUEUE_STATISTICS_CONF message, defined in Table 9-91, confirms
    the processing completion of the QUERY_QUEUE_STATISTICS_REQ message .
    I'll submit a doc change request to correct this.

    I cannot tell you definitely why you are receiving the FAILURE_CONF,
    but please note that per table 10-18 the status of 93 indicates invalid
    CSQ.    Note this should be UINT not INT as the table 9-90 indicates.

    If you would like further analysis and are a Contact Center Developer
    Services subscriber, you can open a Service Request using the TAC Case
    open tool and the instructions you received with your Developer Services
    subscription.  Be sure to attach an MIVR log with detailed tracing to
    your Service Request.

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    Replied by: Vladimir Banker on 15-03-2011 11:50:16 AM
    Have a same problem with FAILURE_CONF for QUERY_QUEUE_STATISTICS_REQ.
    Did you found a solution?

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    Replied by: Narasimham Ienampudi on 08-07-2011 12:43:22 PM
                 Do you know how to get the Contact service queue ID of a given Contact service queue. I am unable to get the ID of the contact service queue from UCCX administration web page. By trial and error I found the valid serv ice quue ID but I want to get the exat CSQ ID of the queue.

    Subject: RE: Requesting Queue Statistics
    Replied by: David Lender on 08-07-2011 05:05:44 PM
    You can get the CSQID for all the CSQs in the sytem using the Configuration API of the UCCX CTI protocol.

    Chapter 4 of the protocol guide above describes obtaining Configuration Data.  In chapter 9, the CONFIG_CSQ_EVENT shows both the CSQID and the CSQName.