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    Created by: Matt Hubbard on 11-05-2009 01:35:35 PM
    In the document "IPPS Application Development Notes v7.0(1).pdf", on page 61 it says the following:
    "Verify available softkeys by using the QA web pages that the phones web server provides to indicate the active softkey set."
    However I've not been able to find the suggested information on any of the web pages listed on page 100 of the same document.
    Am I missing this information? Or what are the URLs to these QA webpages?
    Many thanks,

    Subject: RE: QA Web Pages
    Replied by: David Staudt on 11-05-2009 03:07:50 PM
    Not sure why this is mentioned in the developer guide, but I think it refers to some engineering internal tools used for phone API Q/A testing.