Name Dialling

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    Created by: Simon Granger on 30-04-2009 02:23:15 PM
    Hi, I have been using the AXL for a while, but i have been tasked with updating the name dialling field in the End User section of Call Manager.
    I cannot find which function to use, it does not seem to be in the update user.
    We are using Callmanager 6.1.2 
    One other question, can you use AXL to create voice mailboxes on CUE blades? from looking at the documents this still seems to be very limited.
    Thanks in advance

    Subject: RE: Name Dialling
    Replied by: Dan Hook on 11-05-2009 09:15:23 PM
    The information is contained in the table 'crsapplication' and You probably will have to use SQL to do what You want. You can use executeSQLUpdate method for this.
    admin:run sql select crs.aapromptname,enduser.userid from crsapplication as crs, enduser where enduser.pkid = crs.fkenduser
    aapromptname                                     userid
    ================================================ ======
    BobsonBob                                     bob
    AdamsAlice                                    alice
    Pardon my SQL, I'm not sure if that query is a 100% correct but at least it shows you what I mean.
    Kind regards,