Push2Phone PLS!

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    Created by: Kiril Velinov on 26-04-2009 12:54:56 PM
    Hi guys ,
    At first sorry about my English.
    Could you someone tell us how we can execute application or text over ip phone with CCM 7 .
    Becouse i saw that this is a big problem of many of us.
    Could you someone public a script  or tell us step by step what we should do to have a working push2phone.
    I know that many of you knows the answer but i don't know why they don't share it with us?!?
    Does anyone know is there chanse to have Ip Phone Services SDK biger then 4.1(1) something for new-est Call Managers?
    Thanks in advance.
    E-mail: k.velinov@mastersbg.com