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    Created by: Marwa Ads on 22-04-2009 12:32:10 PM
    Dear All,
    I want to create a new table on the callmanager 6.1 database.
    but when i create the table, i receive the following error: "No resource permission".
    Can any one help me in this issue?
    Thanks alot,
    Marwa Ads

    Subject: RE: New Message from Marwa Ads in IP Phone Services (IPPS) - IP Phone Servi
    Replied by: Shameer AbdulRasheed on 22-04-2009 01:02:42 PM
    I believe the error you are seeing is expected behavior. As per my
    understanding, the CUCM database is not available for storing
    application data.


    Subject: RE: Create Table
    Replied by: Mayank Sharma on 22-04-2009 02:11:41 PM
    I would strongly advise you not to mess with CUCM databases. CUCM databases are optimized and CUCM is responsible for handling calls efficiently and thats what it should do. Any attempt to change the databases may affect handling calls and other functions adversely.
    If you feel that you need data for your own application, please use another database server of your choice and get all the data you need from CUCM into databases on this server.