AXL-Serviceability API Best practice ?

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    Created by: Joe Rossi on 13-04-2009 07:23:04 PM
    I am looking at the 7.0(1) Cisco Unified Communications Manager XML Developer Guide at:
    There is a section "AXL Serviceability Application Design Guidelines and Best Practices".
    In it, it states:
        Number of Nodes in the cluster
        In large cluster, configure your application to point SOAP clients to individual servers that have server specific Perfmon counters.
    There is a lot of leeway, but what it implies to me is that, for larger clusters, I should gather perfmon stats directly from the
    subscribers instead of getting them all from the publisher. This also implies the AXL Web Service needs to be running on each subscriber.
    Is this Cisco's best practice for ALL version of UCM (i.e. 3.3 - 7.0), of is this something new for UCM 7.0 only.
    The UCM 7.0 help for service activation states: "Cisco AXL Web Service - Activate on the first node only. Failing to activate this service causes the inability to update Cisco Unified Communications Manager from client-based applications that use AXL."
    A clear contradiction to what they tell developers.