Execute Message Ignored?

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    Created by: Michael James on 09-04-2009 04:07:59 PM
    I¿m having a problem with phones (wired and wireless) not listening to or processing a CiscoIPPhoneExecute command when sent to /CGI/Execute.  The majority of time, my program is successful in sending commands to a large number of phones.  However at other random times, it appears that the phone might go to sleep and doesn¿t respond to the request and the C# webrequest will timeout.  During these times, the phone is on and responds to a ping command and if you place a call to the phone, the messages will then successfully be delivered on the next retry.
    I guess my question is, do the Cisco IP Phones go to sleep?  I know the backlight can be turned on/off on some models, but it should still respond to and Execute request.  Are there times that the phone will take longer than normal to respond?

    Subject: RE: Execute Message Ignored?
    Replied by: David Staudt on 09-04-2009 06:24:45 PM
    The phones should always respond to a POST/execute.
    The best evidence for troubleshooting the issue will be a network packet capture from the phone's switch port (i.e. using Wireshark.)  This will show whether the request is making it to the phone, ensure the phone is setting up tcp correctly, etc.
    Is there any possibility that executes are being send repeatedly, or at a high rate?  If is fairly easy to run the phone's web server out of tcp sockets under load.