distinguish between  initiated conferenced and transfered calls

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    Created by: Vladimir Banker on 02-04-2009 05:14:26 PM
    I did events monitoring in case of initiating conference and transfer calls and found that thre is no any flag which can show me that call is transfer or conference.
    The questions:
    1.Is it possible to know which type of call started - conference or transfer?
    2.If I will use TRANSFER_CALL_REQ on calls which was initiated as conference call and same in CONFERENCE_CALL_REQ on call which was initiated as transfer - is it will work?

    Subject: RE: distinguish between  initiated conferenced and transfered calls
    Replied by: Fahim Siddique on 11-04-2009 01:05:34 PM
    There is no separate request to initiate conference call or transfer call. They both are initiated via single request named consult_Call_req , consult call request. Once the consult call is intiated successfully one can either request for transfer_call_req or conference_call_req. I hope it addresses  both your queries.