Issue with media record API

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    Created by: VijayPrasad Neelamegam on 27-03-2009 06:21:53 AM
    can any body provide me the some example of beep usuage in media record API.
    In media record API,the Beep option is used to notify the user, before recording the media.
    I have gone through the IVR programming guide.the example doesn't seems to work.provide me a working example

    Subject: RE: Issue with media record API
    Replied by: JASMINE KALAISELVAN on 27-03-2009 06:27:57 AM
    It could be a defect. As of now use a workaround of, record an audio file having just a beep. Play it before media record using media play API.

    Subject: RE: Issue with media record API
    Replied by: Chun Yong Zhao on 13-06-2009 08:07:59 PM
    I met the same issue, the beep won't beep at all.
    BTW, I used the below commands to record the session to a tftp server, but the file uploaded by the router won't be player.
    How to make it playable??
     global url
     set recordInfo(codec) g711alaw
     set recordInfo(finalSilence) 0
     set recordInfo(dtmfTerm) enable
     set recordInfo(maxDuration) 5000
     set recordInfo(fileFormat) au
     set recordInfo(beep) beep
     set url "tftp://"
     #set url memory
     media record leg_incoming -p recordInfo $url

    Subject: RE: Issue with media record API
    Replied by: VijayPrasad Neelamegam on 15-06-2009 04:15:24 AM
    We got fix for this issue.Please follow this option
    media record leg_incoming -p recordInfo -m %b $url

         where  %b  : g711ulaw beep
                %ba : g711alaw beep
                %bb : g723r53 beep
                %bc : g723r63 beep
                %bd : g729r8 beep                      
                %be : gsmfr beep
    Please note, you can only specify one url with the -m option i,.e. U cannot concatenate several URLs

    You can change %b option according to your codec.

    Hope this helps