Caching of Phone IP Address in CM

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    Created by: Tony Tjo on 16-03-2009 03:48:06 AM
    Hi all,
    I have an application using SelectCmDevice to get the information of IP Phones from CM, including their IP addresses.
    When I unplug and plug an IP phone, it gets a new IP address. However, I still get an old IP from CM.
    Do you guys know if there is any caching mechanism for Phone Information in CM?

    Subject: RE: Caching of Phone IP Address in CM
    Replied by: David Staudt on 16-03-2009 03:27:30 PM
    If you have more than one UCM, and the phone fails over to its backup, you would see two records via SelectCmDevice (assume not specifying a node):
    - UCM-A: IP Addr #1, status Unregistered
    - UCM-B: IP Addr #2, status Registered
    If there is only one UCM, you're getting only one record back, it has the old IP, and status is Registered, then I would say it's not expected.  How long do you wait to check?