CAD Alternatives?

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    Created by: MARK KNEPPER on 11-03-2009 04:42:55 AM
    I work for a Cisco partner that has experienced the wonderful world of CAD and often run into things that it just isn't capable of, or functionality that needs to be repaired, but never seems to make it to the top of the list for the BU.  I'm to the point where I want to write my own, but have a feeling it is a pretty big undertaking.  Are there companies out there that have created an alternative to the CAD desktop using the UCCXCTI that I might be able to position to clients?  How does support from Cisco work if you don't have the CAD components?

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    Replied by: David Lender on 11-03-2009 12:49:57 PM
    You can write a TCP/IP socket message based application to the UCCX CTI
    protocol, but this is recommended only for experienced socket
    programmers.  You do not need CAD installed to write your own UCCX CTI
    protocol based application.  Cisco does not provide support for you
    application but if you join Developer Services you will receive support
    in using the message protocol. 

    There is also at least 1 company (Servion) working on a .NET toolkit for
    sale to interface with UCCX CTI.

    Subject: RE: CAD Alternatives?
    Replied by: Rene Bechmann on 16-03-2009 12:12:03 PM
    Im trying to achieve this aswell but had gotten much further. Perhaps we can help each other.
    Kind regards
    +45 2093 4038

    Subject: RE: CAD Alternatives?
    Replied by: Chikeobi Njaka on 01-04-2009 10:25:05 PM
    Actually, A Java API toolkit exists that also has selected web services exposure

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    Replied by: Gokulakrishnan Gopalakrishnan on 25-05-2009 10:55:47 AM
    Yup, David is right.  Servion has developed the ¿CTI SDK for Cisco UCCX¿ which is available for the developer community to develop custom desktop applications. It offers functionalities to develop agent side softphones or any other complex CTI applications integrated with business applications. It also offers event and API¿s to develop custom Supervisor monitoring tools.

    I have attached a brochure that has some of these details and you can send an email to for further information.



    Subject: RE: CAD Alternatives?
    Replied by: Vladimir Banker on 02-06-2009 12:04:24 PM
    Our company also developed CTI softphone for UCCX whit a lot of different modules(phonebook,real-time reports,click2dial from any desktop application and etc.)
    If you interested, you can send email request to

    Subject: RE: CAD Alternatives?
    Replied by: Dan Charville on 01-10-2009 03:44:11 PM
    This Java API you speak of, is that for CAD?  I am trying to build macros for the agent email portion of CAD but am unable to because it is Java based.