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    Created by: Stephan Steiner on 06-02-2009 02:06:35 PM
    Anitah is one of the developer support egineers so I'm sure he/she (I'm never sure with foreign names) would mention if there's a more effective way.

    There is in fact another way but I'd consider it inferior to AXL serviceability: each phone by default runs its own http server.. you can connect to the phone by calling http://ip-address-of-my-phone/ in your webbrowser and you get a bunch of info. Depending on phone type, you have multiple other urls (all linked from the main page) that can get you additional information and therein lies one reason why I consider it inferior - depending on the info you need, you will have to write different code per phone type and you need to parse html pages and won't know if a firmware upgrade will break your parsing code. Another issue is that you can turn off the http server on the phone and then what?
    Yet another issue is getting the phone's IP address... how do you get that? The API to do it is AXL Serviceability and the SelectCmDevices command so we're back at where we started off - if you need to use it, you have your information at this point and you can forget about the phone's webserver. So essentially this approach only makes sense if your phones have static IP addresses or if you have another means of getting the IP address (perhaps you have an app in place tracking phones and writing IP addresses in a database).

    AXL isn't a realtime API - sure you can use it in realtime applications, but it's an administrative thing and as such meant for non time critical operations. However ,it's not like making that call is going to cost you too much in time. I have plenty of applications that do CTI (and thus need to be real-time) and that use AXL to look up information.. you just need to make sure you your AXL calls don't block the real-time part of your application.

    Subject: Re: Get Device Information of the Phone Dynamically
    Replied by: David Staudt on 06-02-2009 05:19:12 PM
    It might be helpful if you could provide some specifics:

    • Exactly what phone information do you need?
    • For how many phones?
    • Do you need this info on demand (how often?) or updated continuously/in-realtime? 
    • What latency - API query to response - can you accept?