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    Created by: hebert rangel on 13-10-2008 03:34:23 PM
    Good day,

    i'm a student from Mexico and I'm learning about Cisco call management services, my question is the following, I'd study about the IPCC enterprise edition and i read about IPCC enterprise edition having some ocx or dlls to develop customized applications tu run with it as a personalized ctios agent desktop or supervisor desktop, does IPCC Express provide any libraries or ocx to develop customized applications for the analysts or supervisors? or if you want to have like a reports on real time you have to query the sql data base?
    Thanks so much for you information, i'm not able to check anything of this due thefact we have no server for this cisco appl, this is just theoretical speaking.


    Subject: Re: IPCC EXPRESS developing Question
    Replied by: David Lender on 13-10-2008 03:50:11 PM
    Yes, IPCC Enterprise has a toolkit called CTIOS Toolkit that contains
    .dlls for a Windows COM environment as well as Interop Assemblies for a
    .NET environment.

    There are no similar controls for IPCC Express. There is a socket based
    message protocol available for IPCC Express Applications (available for
    download only by Cisco Developer Services Subscribers).

    Historical reporting is available via standard reports available with
    IPCC Express.

    Realtime reporting is available via a Wallboard interface to Spectrum
    Ultra Link II 3.1.2 and
    INOVA Light Link 5.0.43 Realtime reporting directly to the sql
    database is not supported.

    Partners wanting to integrate to IPCC Express are required to become
    Cisco Technology Developer Program members and join Developer Services.

    Hope this helps. Good luck with your studies!