Transfer Request Failing

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    Created by: James Church on 17-07-2008 08:42:55 PM
    My Transfer request is failing. Why?

    Subject: Re: Transfer Request Failing
    Replied by: David Lender on 18-07-2008 03:25:23 PM
    The documentation originally stated that for Transfer_Req that agent instrument was optional. It is required.

    721916: May 25 11:47:39.272 EDT %MIVR-ICD_CTI-7-UNKutboundMessageprocessor : sending msg
    : { length=-1
    text=activeConnectionDeviceId(Transfer Controller) null not associated with
    rmcmContact(Held Call) identified by heldCallId 16777379 to socket:
    Sockethttp://addr= ,port=62384,localport=42027 }

    In agentInstrument you should give the Directory Number of
    the agent who is transferring the call.

    721913: May 25 11:47:39.272 EDT %MIVR-ICD_CTI-7-UNK:ClientConnMgr:
    Processing msg on
    socket:Sockethttp://addr= ,port=62384,localport=42027 Msg is
    {length=54 type=TRANSFER_CALL_REQ,invokeId=14, peripheraId:1,
    activeConnectionCallId:16777381, heldConnectionCallId:16777379,
    activeConnectionDeviceIdType: 0, heldConnectionDeviceIdType: 0,
    callPlacementType : 0, callManagerType: 0, alertRings: 0, callOption: 0,
    facilityType: 0, answeringMachine: 0, priority: false, postRoute: false,
    _numNamedVariables:0, _numNamedArrays:0, activeConnectionDeviceId: 2002,
    heldConnectionDeviceId: 2002, agentInstrument: null, dialedNumber: null,
    userToUserInfo:null, callVar1: null, callVar2: null, callVar3: null,
    callVar4: null, callVar5: null, callVar6: null, callVar7: null, callVar8:
    null, callVar9: null, callVar10: null, callWrapupData: null, facilityCode:
    null, authorizationCode: null, accountCode: null }

    note that agent instrument is null in the above example and should instead be the directory number of the agent performing the transfer.