Customize search in Global Directory

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    Created by: Muhammad Ibrahim Javed Siddiqui on 23-11-2008 09:22:23 PM
    Can anyone help me to figure out following problems:

    1- Is there any possibility that in search by extension number or first name or last name returns the Department details, Email ID and Mobile Number.

    2- How we search in Global Directory by department name?

    Ibrahim Javed

    Subject: Re: Customize search in Global Directory
    Replied by: David Staudt on 24-11-2008 12:01:32 AM
    Modifying these services on the CUCM itself is not possible, however it is possible to create your own IP Phone services that duplicate the functionality, change it, extend it, or do anything you can think up.

    You will need a lightweight webserver and some light web development knowledge. See the Getting Started section here: and download the SDK from the documentation area.

    Alternatively, for a more drag-and-drop development experience, the Cisco Unified Application Environment (CUAE) makes it easy to develop powerful IP Phone Services as well:

    Subject: Re: Customize search in Global Directory
    Replied by: Kevin Buckley on 25-11-2008 08:49:06 PM
    I am looking at doing a custom directory lookup (Dial By Name functionality) in an IPIVR, using an additional field in the search criteria (the department). My main concern is how am I going to figure out the name hash (24= etc). I may have to create an intermediate table if there isn't a hash field exposed from DC Directory.

    Have you used the CUAE ? - It certainly looks more powerful, I am only concerned that it might take a while to get rolling with CUAE, versus the jsp being a messier but a shorter path.