LDAP query of CCM 6 ??

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    Created by: Ingo Peterlunger on 22-12-2008 10:06:50 AM
    Hi there,

    i had some phone services to query the directorys of my Callmanger 4.2 servers.
    Now after the update to 6.1 these services do not longer work.

    I could not find out how to access the new callmanger via LDAP.
    Does anybody know?

    Below is an exmaple of the "localizeddirectory" from the SDK. Do i need to change something? I think the ldap port changed to standard 389, but changing the port did not help.

    var ldapserver = "callmanager";
    var ldapsearchbase = "ou=users, o=cisco.com";
    var ldapport = "8404";
    var ldapuserid = "cn=Directory Manager, o=cisco.com";
    var ldappassword = "cisco";

    Thanks and merry x-mas!

    Subject: Re: LDAP query of CCM 6 ??
    Replied by: David Staudt on 22-12-2008 04:42:57 PM
    The short answer is that CM no longer uses an onboard LDAP to store its user information. In CM5 and higher, the user data is stored in the database...which means applications (such as a phone directory service) will need to use the AXL SOAP API to query this data.

    Subject: Re: LDAP query of CCM 6 ??
    Replied by: Ingo Peterlunger on 23-12-2008 07:33:25 AM
    Thanks David - well AXL SOAP API ... sounds cool, but i am more into networking Looks like i need to find some coding guy.


    Subject: RE: Re: LDAP query of CCM 6 ??
    Replied by: Chase Casanova on 03-03-2010 06:00:13 PM
    So this means that the Phone [] getControlledPhones(LDAPProvider lp, String beginsWith) method in the User.class of the SDK is useless?