Why the phone return  the  http code :405

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    Created by: Ray Liu on 23-12-2008 09:03:54 AM
    i try to push this xml to phone
    <ExecuteItem Priority=\"0\" URL="">

    but phone return http code 405, please tell me why ,thanks

    Subject: Re: Why the phone return  the  http code :405
    Replied by: David Staudt on 23-12-2008 03:03:39 PM
    There are a few nominal errors in your XML object as posted (backslahes, extra quote/comma) but that's probably from cut/paste.

    I would check:

    • Phone's internal web server is enabled in CCM admin web UI
    • You are using HTTP POST to send the Execute object to the phone
    • Youare POSTing to the right URL: http://<phoneIP>/CGI/Execute