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    Created by: Perron Bruno on 09-01-2009 05:44:57 PM
    I need a script that will query an AD ldap corporated directory. The SDK sample script seems to be generating XML errors.

    Subject: Re: Ldapsearch
    Replied by: Stephan Steiner on 09-01-2009 06:34:31 PM
    And what language are you looking for? If you're a VB developer and I give you a Java example, that might not be so useful..
    Also, the fact that you get those errors seems to suggest that the search actually works but the way the results are presented cannot be handled by the phone. You can work this out by calling the service from your browser.. it's not hard to figure out what the phone does if you know how to create IP Phone Services (and I just posted an example late in this thread: http://forums.cisco.com/eforum/servlet/NetProf?page=netprof&forum=Unified%20Communications%20and%20Video&topic=IP%20Phone%20Services%20for%20Developers&topicID=.ee94c94&fromOutline=&CommCmd=MB%3Fcmd%3Ddisplay_location%26location%3D.2cc1c437)