Invalid XML response from 7971

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    Created by: Ruth Hsu on 24-09-2008 06:25:56 PM
    I have a CUAE application that uses CreateImageFile and SendExecute to post a picture to a Cisco 7971 IP Phone. It was working properly until recently it starts to fail intermittently with the following error in CUAE's AppServer log. I posted this problem on CUAE forum first and the response was the phone was not sending proper XML response for CUAE to interpret. Is this a known bug in 7971? If so, which firmware update has fix for it?

    2008:09:19::15:30:23(79): Error: script1-3 Could not interpret response from Cisco phone:

    ule 1</TD><td width=20></TD><TD></TD></TR><TR><TD> Expansion Module 2</TD><td width=20></TD><TD></TD></TR><TR><TD> Hardware Revision</TD><td width=20></TD><TD>1.0</TD></TR><TR><TD> Serial Number</TD><td width=20></TD><TD>FCH12028VJ9</TD></TR><TR><TD> Model Number</TD><td width=20></TD><TD>CP-7971G-GE</TD></TR><TR><TD> Message Waiting</TD><td width=20></TD><TD>No</TD></TR><TR><TD> UDI</TD><td width=20></TD><TD>phone</TD></TR><TR><TD> </TD><td width=20></TD><TD>Cisco IP Phone 7971G-GE, Global, Gig Ethernet</TD></TR><TR><TD> </TD><td width=20></TD><TD>CP-7971G-GE</TD></TR><TR><TD> </TD><td width=20></TD><TD>V03</TD></TR><TR><TD> </TD><td width=20></TD><TD>FCH12028VJ9</TD></TR><TR><TD> Time</TD><td width=20></TD><TD>3:24:25p</TD></TR><TR><TD> Time Zone</TD><td width=20></TD><TD>Pacific Standard Time</TD></TR><TR><TD> Date</TD><td width=20></TD><TD>09-19-08</TD></TR></TABLE></TD></TR></TABLE></BODY></HTML>



    Subject: Re: Invalid XML response from 7971
    Replied by: Ram Gopal Chockalingam on 25-09-2008 02:34:26 PM
    Hi Ruth,

    If you meant the problem is INTERMITTENT; probably it's not a 7971 firmware issue. BTW., which firmware load do you have ? FYI., the latest one availbale for that IP Phone device model is 8.4(1)_Sr1. Kindly download and test it from here