XML file too big makes system crash due to javaheap overflow

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    Created by: Christophe Van Itterbeeck on 14-11-2008 01:39:31 PM

    We are running into a problem with one of our customers.

    The customer wants to have data from a file displayed on the screen of the Agent Desktop.

    There is no problem as we try one call at a time, but if the system receive many calls at the same time, the CRS engine crashes due to Java Heap errors.

    UCCX 5.0.2sr1

    Sizing :
    XML file : 10 megas

    Method in the CRS Editor:
    XMLFile = Create File Document ("physicallocationonthedisk")
    XMLDoc = Create XML Document(XMLFile)

    Is there a way to release the memory once the data have been read from the file? I don't see any "close" of the file step in the script editor. Anyway this seems dangerous as many calls are arriving at the same time, I would like to avoid system crashes.

    #calls per day : Around 1.000

    As the call stays in queue without anyone taking it at the begin of the day for instance, the memory used in the javaheap stays occupied and continuously increase by 10megs per call and the crash occurs really fast.

    Normal usage of memory for the CRSEngine is around 400Megs in total but it have already crashed before as I think that the heap memory is only a part of the total memory.

    Any help is welcome to tackle this issue. For now I disabled the search in the file.

    Many thanks

    Subject: RE: XML file too big makes system crash due to javaheap overflow
    Replied by: Mark Salter on 04-05-2010 11:44:07 AM
    I have had this same issue and Cisco had this as a bug. The java heap is 2gb max and this will be reached very soon with a 10meg file.
    Best way is to use the DB Steps if you can (License etc).
    i do not think this has ever been fixed as we also tried an upgrade to the v5 uccx. re-writing the script was the only way forward.
    Sorry for the bad news