How to get the current IP of a phone

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    Created by: mathias eckert on 07-08-2008 12:28:21 PM

    I want to get the current IP of a phone. That means that I want to find the current IP adress of the phone with the phone number 1234.

    I read out all tables (387) but I still couldnt find the IP address.

    So after sucessfully using SOAP-AXL-SQL-Select-Statements I tried to use the Real-Time Information SOAP-Statement. (I copied everything out of the "Cisco Unified Communications Manager Developers Guide Release 6.0(1)") and send the request. But I always get the "No Handler found for SelectCmDevice" error.

    I checked everything but I did exactly the same as inside the Cisco Example.

    If you need some more information, I could post the whole request and answer.

    What am I doing wrong?
    Does somebody already got this example working?
    Does somebody know another way to get the IP?

    Subject: RE: How to get the current IP of a phone
    Replied by: NIGEL WARBURTON on 28-09-2009 08:33:25 PM
    Dont forget SNMP as that will provide IP address details. You need to query each CUCM server though.