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    Created by: Jean-Francois Handfield on 14-07-2008 10:20:10 PM
    Is it possible to look for the user associated with a given extension( telephone number or primary extension ) ???

    Thank you.

    Subject: Re: Primary Extension
    Replied by: anish manikandan on 20-08-2008 10:52:30 AM
    Yes. The executeSQLQuery API can be used to do this. Send the following query to get the user name associated to a phone.

    select userid from enduser where pkid =
    (select fkenduser from enduserdevicemap where fkdevice =
    (select pkid from device where name = 'PHONE-NAME'));

    This will return the userid associated with the device PHONE-NAME

    Subject: Re: Primary Extension
    Replied by: Jean-Francois Handfield on 20-08-2008 06:27:35 PM
    Thank you for your help! I'll give it a try and let you know the outcome.

    Do you think you could help me out with my other question, the one about the PilotPoint members???

    Thank you again