Adding VG224 SCCP ports for CUCM 4.2.3sr4a

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    Created by: Peter Klein on 22-09-2008 09:13:40 AM

    I'm stuck trying to add hundreds of Analog Phones to VG224s. I have already created the requests for adding lines and phones (and partitions, CSS, ...) but when it comes to the VG224 I'm stuck. If I add the gateway manually as an SCCP entity and do not add the subunit from the CUCM interface and then run this request:

    <unit index="2"/>
    <subunit index="0">
    <endpoints max="24">
    <endpoint index = "5">
    <description>71912 BjV - Distriktssköterska </description>
    <product>Analog Phone</product>
    <model>Analog Phone</model>
    <line index="1">
    <display>BjV - Distriktssköterska</display>
    <alertingName>BjV - Distriktssköterska </alertingName>
    <ringSetting>Use System Default</ringSetting>
    <consecutiveRingSetting>Use System Default</consecutiveRingSetting>

    The subunit is added but I get this response:

    <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle="">
    <![CDATA]http://The product type specified is not a Gateway.]></faultstring>
    <detail xmlns:axl="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" http://SUSCCM01/CCMApi/AXL/V1/axlsoap.xsd">
    <axl:error sequence="0">
    <![CDATA]http://The product type specified is not a Gateway.]></message>

    If I take away the endpoint config I still add the subunit but do not get an error so the problem is with the <product> tag of the endpoint itself.

    Maybe I'm mistaken, maybe you can only add MGCP endpoints this way, which would make sense but if that is the case, is there any other way of doing this via AXL or am I stuck having to create them manually. I know I can do this by clicking on each port, giving them a devicepool and button template and then updating the devices through AXL but I'd much rather find an automated way of doing this. This week I have to do 4 VG224s with approx 80 ports, I can do this manually but in a couple of months we will do 30 VG224s with 600 ports and I don't want to do this if I really don't have to...


    Subject: Re: Adding VG224 SCCP ports for CUCM 4.2.3sr4a
    Replied by: David Staudt on 22-09-2008 02:17:11 PM
    Please see the 'Configuring VG224 Ports Using AXL' from the AXL doc page:

    Hope this helps.

    Subject: Re: Adding VG224 SCCP ports for CUCM 4.2.3sr4a
    Replied by: Peter Klein on 02-10-2008 07:05:15 AM

    Thanks for your reply. I'm not so sure that addVG224 is implemented in CUCM 4.2 though and the document actually states that it's for CUCM 5,6,7.

    Anyway, this is probably the last 4.2. installation with a large number of VG224s so I'l just have to go ahead and do it manually this time and try again when I come to it for another customer with CUCM 6 and up. There we can of course also use bat so I may not need to either.