search sample for CDR get with SOAP

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    Created by: Remco Overman on 17-09-2008 01:58:53 PM

    I try to get the CDR files with a soap commando, but i am not successful..

    I found the document CDR_API_Examples.doc, but the are no samples for the Requests, only for the possible answers...

    In this documentation its written that the wsdl definition targetNamespace is but it look that this domain name not exist anymore..

    Can somebody help me with correct request XML files?

    Thanks Remco

    Subject: Re: search sample for CDR get with SOAP
    Replied by: Madhukar Bhandaryr on 16-10-2008 06:00:42 AM
    Check AXL Serviceability API Programming guide for your call manager version for more details

    Sample example is provided under "CDR on Demand Service".

    Find the Sample example for Call manager 6.0 at


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