AXL-RIS becoming unresponsive over time

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    Created by: David Roberts on 24-10-2008 04:41:00 PM
    We find regularly that RIS, on CUCM 4.x, stops responding in several ways regularly and on different systems.

    Our application takes into account the throttling but we'll find SOAP responds but indicates nothing is registered. Has anyone else had experience with RIS being rather unreliable with 4.x and do you have any suggestions?

    Subject: Re: AXL-RIS becoming unresponsive over time
    Replied by: Gitansh Chadha on 24-10-2008 04:51:09 PM
    Is there a recommended time interval that we should be sending requests. We have seen the performance degradation over an extending period of time.

    Subject: Re: AXL-RIS becoming unresponsive over time
    Replied by: David Staudt on 24-10-2008 06:40:15 PM
    Beyond the built-in throttling, there aren't any firm guidelines for AXL/RIS transaction rates, beyond the admonishment to have some understanding of the impact of the requests, test carefully, and self-throttle if warranted.

    A place to start would be to observe the overall OS health (CPU, RAM, disk I/O) to see if there is anything growing out of control, then focus on standard IIS health indicators that would be relevant to the AXL web service. A typical problem scenario involves apps submitting requests faster than AXL can respond, resulting in a backlog which eventually consumes resources.

    If the server is not burdened and nothing obvious is happening in the performance counters, I would recommend opening a formal case with Developer Services so we can investigate in depth. Making sure the latest version/SR available is installed is always a good idea.