AXL Failed to Call "get_file" Method

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    Created by: an dong on 14-11-2008 08:07:28 AM
    When I user the AXL API "CDR On Demand Services" ,I can get cdr file name list with "get_file_list" method,but can't use ftp to get files by calling "get_file" method with the specified file name,and there's nothing about exception. Please help me solve this question or tell me where to get the ccm logs.(/var/log/active/tomcat/logs/soap/log4j)

    Subject: Re: AXL Failed to Call "get_file" Method
    Replied by: Madhukar Bhandaryr on 18-11-2008 05:19:51 PM

    Please refer to your serviceabiity developer guide for more detais.

    Below is the sample deveoper guide for CCM 5.0 version.

    CDR on Demand Service
    The CDR On-Demand Service is a public SOAP/HTTPS interface which is exposed
    to third party billing applications or customers to allow them to query the
    Cisco Unified CallManager CDR Repository Node to retrieve CDR/CMR files on
    demand through the use of two new API calls, get_file_list and get_file.
    In previous releases, CDR records were stored in the CDR database and third
    party applications could query the database directly for the CDR records. In
    this release, CDRs are no longer stored in the CDR database, but as flat
    The CDR On-Demand Service allows applications to obtain CDR files in a
    two-step process. First, the application requests CDR file lists based on a
    specific time interval, then it can request specific CDR files from those
    lists which are returned via a (s)FTP session.
    The billing application can acquire a list of CDR files matching a specified
    time interval (get_file_list), with the maximum time span being one hour. If
    the application needs to retrieve CDR files spanning an interval over one
    hour, then multiple get_file_list requests must be made to the servlet.
    Once the list of files is retrieved, the third party application can then
    request a specific file (get_file). Upon receiving the request, the servlet
    initiates a (s)FTP session and sends the requested file to the application.
    Only one file per request is allowed, to avoid timeouts and other potential
    The CDR Repository node normally transfers CDR files to the billing servers
    once on a preconfigured schedule, then deletes them per the Cisco Unified
    CallManager configuration and other criteria. If for some reason the billing
    servers do not receive the CDR files, or wish to have them sent again, they
    can do so using the SOAP/HTTPS CDR On-Demand APIs. Once CDR files are
    deleted, they cannot be retrieved.
    The CDR On-Demand Service provides the following features:
    *API to get a list of files matching a specified time interval
    *API to request a specific file matching a specified filename (get_file)
    *Limit of 1300 file names returned from the get_file_list API
    *Specified time range cannot span over one hour
    *Service not available during CDR repository file maintenance window
    *CDR files are sent via standard FTP or (s)FTP, which is user configurable
    *API to request specific file (get_file) can return only one file per
    *Servlet needs to be activated through Service Activation Page
    Before an application can access the CDR files the SOAP APIs must be
    activated from the Service Activation page on the CDR Repository Node where
    the CDR Repository Manager is activated.

    Step 1 Go to http://<IP Address of Unified CM node>:8080/ccmservice
    Step 2 Click on Tools &#65533;Service Activation.
    Step 3 Select the server where the CDR Repository Manager resides.
    Step 4 Under the CDR Services section, start the following services:
    *Cisco SOAP - CDRonDemandService
    *CDR Repository Manager
    The CDR On-Demand Service is dependent on the CDR Repository Manager, so
    both must be activated.
    Step 5 Click Update and wait until the page refreshes.

    let me know if this heps you resolve the issue. Else you can collect logs from RTMT tool which can be downloaded from the plugins page.

    Subject: RE: Re: AXL Failed to Call "get_file" Method
    Replied by: Chandar vr on 15-09-2009 01:07:09 PM
    Hi Madhu,
    A quick question..
    Is it possible to access the billing server and access the CDR Records from there directly ?