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    Created by: David Roberts on 12-12-2008 11:04:18 PM
    Hi, we're trying to understand how RIS throttling works. It seems that, when busy, it rejects our requests and then sometimes responds for the next request within 20 sec and other times not for 60 sec or more.

    Can you explain or point to documentation on exactly how the throttling mechanism works, also if it varies per CM version.

    Subject: Re: AXL RIS threshold exceeded
    Replied by: David Staudt on 13-12-2008 12:53:24 AM
    My understanding is that the service keeps track of the # of requests received. When the count reaches 20, no more requests are accepted. Every one minute, the count is reset to zero.

    Depending on when the reset timer occurs, if you reach the limit at -say- the 45th second, then 16 seconds later it would accept up to another 20 requests.

    I wouldn't expect you to see it refusing requests for more than 60 seconds (or so) at a time, though.

    Subject: Re: AXL RIS threshold exceeded
    Replied by: David Roberts on 13-12-2008 06:25:50 AM
    Thanks David,
    Now, are these 20 requests total or per requestor? IF there are
    multiple systems hitting RIS, I would expect the 20 counts is total and
    each system does not get it's own 20 but please confirm.

    Also, does the act of requesting after the 20 is reached effect the
    reset? Based upon your first response it seems not but, again, want to

    Finally, I believe these limits are per CM server. So if one reached
    the limit from say the Publisher, it could submit a query to one of the
    subs and still get a response correct?

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