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    Created by: Gitansh Chadha on 17-12-2008 06:50:03 PM
    Can a RIS response contain multiple device name nodes for the same device if the device is registered to multiple call managers?

    Subject: Re: RIS response
    Replied by: David Staudt on 17-12-2008 09:45:49 PM
    A particular device should only be actively registered to one CCM at a time, but if the device has registered to multiple CCMs in its history (RIS in-memory statistics), it can return multiple RisPort entries. You would see one Registered entry, and possibly multiple UnRegistered entries.

    Subject: Re: RIS response
    Replied by: Gitansh Chadha on 17-12-2008 11:06:56 PM
    Thanks David. I have a follow up question

    If the request contains 200 devices to obtain registration status and if a particular device has 1 registered entry and multiple unregistered entry, will the response return back all devices states?

    In other words my question is does the MaxReturnedDevices limit the number returned device xml nodes to just 200 or it will return back the status of all 200 devices (as long as it finds them)?

    Subject: Re: RIS response
    Replied by: David Staudt on 18-12-2008 12:00:08 AM
    If you request 200 devices by individual name, and some devices appear multiple times, you would get truncated results. In order to be safe you will need to lower the number of devices you request at a time and/or be prepared to retry if you don't get all the devices you requested.