Cisco Unified CCX Editor

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    Created by: Himanshu Thakur on 07-09-2010 02:27:49 AM
    From where can I download "Cisco Unified CCX Editor"?
    Shouldn't it be in the developer's section already?
    It would be great if some on can share "Cisco Unified CCX Editor" download link.

    Subject: RE: Cisco Unified CCX Editor
    Replied by: Steven Pawlak on 22-09-2010 03:33:08 PM
    You need to download it from an active install. Also, the first time you run it, you need to login to an active install so that the editor can see what type of system it is (Std, Enh, Pre) and then set it's palettes accordingly. 
    Granted they should change this and make a simple app that has all the functionality and then throw an error at script upload.