IPIVR 7.0 - GetDigitString

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    Created by: Sethuramalingam Balasubramanian on 06-09-2010 07:14:58 AM
    We have the following properties under each tab of GetDigitString

    General ¿ Interruptible - Yes
    Prompt - Barge-in enabled - Yes
    Input - Flush Input Buffer - Yes
    Filter - Input Length - 1, Terminating Digit - #

    When the caller is prompted to enter a number [example 1] and accidently press 2 numbers [example 12 sequentially] as opposed to one - the script stores the 2nd number and enters it as the next menu entry. We need this collection restricted to only 1 number entry.

    I have Flush Input Buffer enabled in the subsequent menus, but still it is not flushing the input. I have set the retries as zero and not handling the retries in the GetDgitString Step. I am playing custom prompts for retries. May be this could be the reason that Flush Input Buffer is not working? I have set the Barge in as true. Setting this to False would help, so that dtmf dial ahead doesn't work?
    Thanks in advance.


    Subject: RE: IPIVR 7.0 - GetDigitString
    Replied by: Steven Pawlak on 22-09-2010 03:39:55 PM
    If the caller is required to enter # to stop, then input length needs to be 2 (1 for the digit and 1 for the #)
    If the caller does not need to enter #, then make Term Digit - Nothing. The Term Digit is only used when you have a variable length value being entered. Your setup might be confusing the system since it might be waiting for the # key. 
    The problem you have is that the GetDigitString is taking the first digit entered and moving on to the next menu and using the 2 that the caller entered. Even though flush buffer is on the system is already on the menu step by the time the caller entered the second value. The system moves that fast.