Digit collection copying DNIS to buffer

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    Subject: RE: Digit collection copying DNIS to buffer
    Replied by: Anusha Kannappan on 06-09-2010 12:13:29 PM
    Hi Travis,
    Could you please send us the running configs as well as brief us the call flow that where exactly the script is being deployed and from which extension to which extension the call is being made with the exact topology to recreate the issues in our local lab setup.
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    Created by: Travis May on 05-09-2010 08:15:28 PM
    IOS: c5350-jk9su2_ivs-mz.151-2.T1.bin
    The following is occuring when collecting digits on the outbound leg after the call is answered.
    The behavior is not desired.   The result is that the prompt is played out, then FILLED as soon as the prompt is done playing, thus exiting the form.
    Sep  5 20:01:47.744: //339/392601DF800B/VXML:/vxml_vapp_digit_collect: 
       termchar # minlength 0 maxlength 0 timeout 4000 interdigittimeout 1000 numPatterns=1hotword 0 abortKey
    Sep  5 20:01:47.744: //339//AFW_:/vapp_digit_collect:
    Sep  5 20:01:47.744: //339//AFW_:/vapp_digit_collect:  numPatterns 1, minlength 0, maxlength 0, timeout 4000, interDigitTimeout 1000 hotword 0
    Sep  5 20:01:47.744: //339//Digi:/C_DigitCollect_Start: Leg=339, Dialplan=False, Diaplanterm=False, DigitReport=False, DigitConsume=False IgnoreInitialKey=False, IgnoreDTMFacceptINFO=False, Abortkey=, Terminationkey=#, Numpatterns=1, Maxdigits=0, Mindigits=0, Interruptprompt=False, InterTimeout=1000, Initialtimeout=4000, Mask=0 Hotword=0
    Sep  5 20:01:47.744: //-1//Digi:/AFW_DigitCollect_New: 
    Sep  5 20:01:47.744: //-1//Digi:HN056B2E40:/AFW_DigitCollect_New: DialPlan=FALSE AbortKey= TermKey=# NumPatts=1
                  Enable=FALSE Consume=FALSE InterruptPrompt=FALSE minDigits=0 maxDigits=0 DialPlanTerm=FALSE hotword=0
    Sep  5 20:01:47.744: //339/392601DF800B/Digi:/DigitCollectStart_UpdateStats: 
    Sep  5 20:01:47.744: //339//Digi:/DigitCollect_MLPPTuning: 
    Sep  5 20:01:47.744: //339//Digi:/DigitCollect_MLPPTuning: Precednece Digit Collect not enabled
    Sep  5 20:01:47.744: //339//Digi:/AFW_M_DigitCollect_Initiate: copy dnis 13105701000 to digit collect buffer
    <vxml version="2.0">
        <property name="timeout" value="4s"/>
        <property name="interdigittimeout" value="1s"/>
        <property name="bargein" value="true"/>
        <form id="formHumanInput">
            <var name="inputReceived" expr="0" />
            <var name="actionType" expr="'requireKeyPressToAcceptCall'" />
           <field name="humanInput">
                <grammar type="application/grammar+regex">.</grammar>
                <prompt bargein="true" cisco-typeaheadflush="true">
                        <audio src="/media/en/pressKeyToAcceptCall.wav"/>
                <!--- if key pressed, set inputReceived=0, then exit--->               
                    <assign name="inputReceived" expr="1" />
                    <exit namelist="actionType inputReceived" />
                <!--- re-prompt once if no response --->
                <!--- exit if no response after greeting plays two times --->
                <noinput count="2">
                    <exit namelist="actionType inputReceived" />