AddPhone ignores DIRN Elements

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    Created by: philipp gantert on 02-09-2010 05:50:16 PM
    I tried to use addPhone... everything works very well but the Dirn Element will be always ignored from the CUCM Server!! Have a look to the SOAP Message. I think this is okay and should be done.... but nothing happens. Moment... the phone will be created and the line will be added to the phone. But all the content in dirn would be ignored. When I send an empty dirn, I get a error like "missing usage or pattern", thats would be correct. But something else like "alertingName" would be irgnored...

    It's not my first addPhone command. I already created successfully my phones, but somewhere I added a mistak.

    What could be wrong when the Soap Message looks like okay??

    In the realtime monitor there are now Exceptions or other errors.
    Thanks for any help.
    Greetings Phil

    Subject: RE: AddPhone ignores DIRN Elements
    Replied by: Sascha Monteiro on 06-09-2010 12:14:26 AM
    you should create the Line with addLine and use the returned uuid to assign the line to the phone
    <dirn uuid="{lineUUID}"/>
    <lines><line><index>1</index><label>61010</label><asciiLabel>61010</asciiLabel><display>test</display><dirn uuid="{FC058D8C-B692-4118-815F-B4D02864F23C}"/><ringSetting>Use System Default</ringSetting><displayAscii>test</displayAscii><e164Mask></e164Mask><maxNumCalls>4</maxNumCalls><busyTrigger>1</busyTrigger><callInfoDisplay><callerName>true</callerName><callerNumber>false</callerNumber><redirectedNumber>false</redirectedNumber><dialedNumber>true</dialedNumber></callInfoDisplay></line></lines>