The request failed with http status 401: unauthorized

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    Created by: Syed Ahmed on 13-03-2010 12:34:11 AM
    I am using .Net AXLAPIService.cs  class to  query CUCM 6.x. I used the wsdl.exe to generate the .Net code and related stubs. I made all the changes to the generated code as per the instructions in the read me file. When I send a request 
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    I am getting authenticagtion failure.  Can one any help what I may be doing wrong
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    void getPhoneList()
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    string ServerNameOrIPAddress = "xx.xx.xx.xx";<font size="2">
    string UserName = "user";<font size="2">
    string Password = "password";<font size="2">
    AXLAPIService axlService = new AXLAPIService(ServerNameOrIPAddress, UserName, Password);<font size="2">
    ListPhoneByNameReq listPhone = new ListPhoneByNameReq();<font size="2">
    listPhone.searchString =
    "%";<font size="2">
    ListPhoneByNameRes result = axlService.listPhoneByName(listPhone);
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    Subject: RE: The request failed with http status 401: unauthorized
    Replied by: Paul Wilkinson on 17-03-2010 12:46:39 AM
    Have you granted the AXL role to the end user or application user that you are using to authenticate?
    Note, that by default this role is not associated with a group, so you will need to create a new group, add the AXL role to this group and then make your user a member of the group.
    You can test your user's permission to run AXL by accessing https://yourserver:8443/axl/  from a browser.  You should get prompted for a username and password.  Once you enter this you should see a message stating the AXL is ready.
    One other thing to check is that the AXL service has been started on your publisher server - by default this service is not active.  Check from the servicability page in CCMAdmin.