How to Update Network Speed and Duplex

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    Created by: Manas Varma on 26-08-2010 07:33:08 AM
    Hi All,
      I am using Call Manager 6.X cluster . Please help me in finding the service using which / or any other way by which i can remotely change the speed and duplex of IPPhones. It doesn't matter if the procedure is not very secure. I just need to some how accomplish that.  Please Help, its very urgent .

    Subject: RE: How to Update Network Speed and Duplex
    Replied by: David Staudt on 26-08-2010 01:20:09 PM
    In the normal use case, the phone auto-negotiates its speed/duplex via CDP/LLDP from the attached switch port.  Those settings can be overriden, but only via the phone's manual configuration.  There is no UCM-side API that can make this change, you might be able to use the CiscoIPPhoneExecute and 'Key:xxx' commands to simulate phone button pushes to negotiate the configuration menu (blindly) but I think my recollection is that the phone will not enter config mode via simulated keypresses.  For demo/lab purposes it might be worth a shot.