Romote action to set VLAN ID on a phone

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    Subject: RE: Romote action to set VLAN ID on a phone
    Replied by: David Staudt on 25-08-2010 03:20:09 PM
    As a basic networking parameter, this has to be set before the phone can communicate with UCM - AXL won't help.  Besides manual configuration on the phone itself, I believe the phones can also discover its intended voice vlan info via CDP from their connected router/switch.  In order to automate phone vlan configuration, you may need to look into remotely configuring the vlan/port setup on effected switches.  In othe words the component you need to modify is the switch, not UCM.
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    Created by: Laurent TRELET on 25-08-2010 09:19:37 AM
    Is it possible to remotly change the VLAN ID on a phone ? Indeed, some of our phones have to change VLAN ID and we only know how to change it with a manual action directly on the phone (Non CDP Network).
    Maybe there is an AXL method (i didn't find anything) or a Push XML action on the phone we can send to avoid a manual action ?
    Thank you in advance.