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    Created by: Luke Hankins on 23-08-2010 05:50:23 PM
    Hello All,
    I would like to split our corporate directory between multiple clients that are on our cluster.  The goal is to have it setup so each client can see only their phone numbers.  Right now all clients can see each others numbers.  I am currently running CM 7.1.3.  Would any be able to provide me with some direction on how to achieve this task?  I know this will require some level of development on our part.

    Subject: RE: Corporate Directory Split
    Replied by: Sascha Monteiro on 24-10-2010 09:33:24 PM
    how is a client defined? is it the department field?

    Subject: RE: Corporate Directory Split
    Replied by: Stephan Steiner on 09-11-2010 06:43:13 PM
    Write your own directory (it's not simple.. a little XML and a little AXL)... define the logic on what makes an enduser a user of a certain organization, extract the device name from the first request to your directory, determine which organization it belongs to, then search all endusers belonging to that organization and only return those.
    It might take you a day or two (or some more if you need to get started with all the technology first), but it can easily be replicated and adapted to more use cases (e.g. you could then search over customer directories in organization A, search some public directory for organization B, and so on).

    Subject: RE: Corporate Directory Split
    Replied by: NIGEL WARBURTON on 08-04-2011 01:30:25 PM
    Hi, not sure if you have resolved this yet, but I saw a question earlier similar to this. I have used the Mutli Directory application from which provides a lot of options to the information that is provided back via the directories button. I have used it to return the results of 2 x ccm clusters and an ldap source providing a single directory returned to the Cisco phone. There is an option that allows you to specify the ldap (by filter) or CCM directory by department I believe, and you can lock down what the phones can see, or offer an initial search criteria screen. i would drop them a line directly for the latest PDF on the product. Hope this helps

    Subject: RE: Corporate Directory Split
    Replied by: LENNY TROPIANO on 19-04-2011 01:54:32 PM
    Is that right?  Doesn't seem like it?

    Subject: RE: Corporate Directory Split
    Replied by: NIGEL WARBURTON on 19-04-2011 04:15:07 PM
    Hi Lenny, yes

    When you say "Doesnt seem like it?" what do you mean? Reading all the requirements above I believe the Mutlidir Application from dominocomms does it all.

    For instance in my lab setup I have about 6 Cisco CallManagers listed for the the directory application to go and access. Some of these are checking Department, some are checking Manager Used ID fields. I also have 2 AD servers with again different containers that are to be searched. The resuls are concatenated and given to the user and voila.

    In the real world, there are 2 clusters and 1 AD server. Certain users can see everyone in "Sales" which searches both clusters for Department Sales and OU container, containing people from Sales. Help Desk guys have a pre-menu that allow them to select their initial restrictions (to replicate what some of the users have).

    Hope this makes sense, if you need more from me let me now, otherwise if you have a genuine requirement I would acquire a demo copy to see how it works for you.