TCL Script for Paging

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    Created by: Jesse Auner on 23-08-2010 02:40:50 PM
    Is there a way to make a TCL Script that uses  plays a Wav file when you dial extension?  The wav file would need to play over an extension that has a PA system attached to it.  I would like the script to work like an auto attendant.  Press 1 for one wav file and press 2 for another and play that wav file about 10 times.  I would also like it to ask for a numeric password before giving you the options.
    Does anyone have a script similar to this?  I am really new to TCL programming.

    Subject: RE: TCL Script for Paging
    Replied by: Yaw-Ming Chen on 23-08-2010 02:51:43 PM
    Yes, that's doable.
    I think you can use its-CISCO.
    to modify.
    Thanks !