cucm8 axl namespace & schemaLocation FYI

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    Created by: Sascha Monteiro on 13-08-2010 02:21:28 AM
    I am testing AXL against cucm8 and have found that the axl namespace and schemalocation now needs to be specified correctly,
    if you build the envelope by hand (like me ;-) and leave them to ..../1.0 the request will fail and return an error like;
    Error in SOAP request error: The document is not a doAuthenticateUser@ document element namespace mismatch expected "" got ""
    this is required for 8.0;
    the examples in the guides are not correct, both ns and loc need the API in the name, unlike the namespace in the example without the API
    for cucm7 it's not required yet, but examples do use this...
    hope this helps others who might run into this issue