Log in/out of hunt group based on presence state

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    Created by: Ciaran Finnegan on 07-08-2010 07:56:24 AM
    Hi all,
    We have a CUCM/CUPS/CUPC 8 customer with multiple small sales offices, the office sales lines are directed to hunt groups of sales staff, about 10% of inbound calls are abandoned and efforts to get sales staff to manually log in/out of hunt groups have been unsuccessful.
    We're looking at a solution based on an AXL script as below.
    Would appreciate any feedback, advice or alternatives?
    repeat every interval e.g. 60 seconds

    for each phone in list of phones in office sales hunt groups 
            if PresenceGroup = Away set hlogStatus off
           # logs the phone out of the hunt group
            if PresenceGroup = Available set hlogStatus on  
            # logs the phone back on to the hunt group

            if phone not in use doDeviceReset                    
            # required for the change to take affect, takes about 3 seconds

    Thanks - Ciaran.